• RIMINI GRUP SRL is a company that started in 2007, having 100% Romanian capital .
  • We started as a manufacturer of work and protection equipment.
In a short period of time, in response to the demands of the market, the company’s activity diversified, becoming a distributor of complete work and protection equipments needed to carry out any activity in any field: clothing, footwear, head and eye protection equipment, protective gloves, equipment for protection against falls from the height, various accessories etc. Our mission is to protect the life and health of all those who use our products.
  • RIMINI GRUP currently has production and supply contracts in the following main business areas:
    • construction
    • sanitation
    • security
    • retail
    • hotelier industry
    • wine industry
    • medical and pharmaceutical industry
    • military equipment
    • promotional items
The product portfolio includes a lot of items among which it could be listed as the main categories:
  • Summer equipment: shirts, jumpsuits, caps, shoes, vests, gloves, helmets, pants, jackets, gowns, boots, shorts, tunics, skirts, etc.
  • Winter equipment: Winter tops, Winter Jackets, Winter pants, gloves, Boots, Winter vests etc.
  • Dedicated Equipment: halate, bed linens, pillows, towels, table cloth, disposable items, specialized gloves, specialized equipment, specialized boots, car seat covers etc.
  • Promotional items: shirts, caps, flags, umbrellas, pens, banners, etc.
All items, both produced by us and those imported, comply with all the norms and standards required by European Union legislation.